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Science + Ice Cream = Frozen Heaven!

Just before Christmas, while it was snowing outside I did the slightly odd thing of heading to Camden for ice cream!  But not for just any ice cream,  I was headed to Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour - Chin Chin Labs.  These guys use liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream right in front of you, the whole process of making the ice cream - which usually takes hours - takes just a matter of minutes.  

And the result of using the nitrogen?  Some of the nicest (maybe even the nicest) ice cream i’ve ever tasted.  As you might hear from the video (sorry for the poor quality) the reason they use the nitrogen is that it freezes the ice cream so fast the ice crystals are so small, which gives it the smoothness.  

The Ice Cream Scientists

(Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur and wife Nyisha Weber, the Ice Cream scientists)

Chin Chin sell three flavours - vanilla, chocolate, and one flavour that changes every week. When I visited the special flavour was Nutcracker (Roasted Hazelnuts, Baileys, Valrhona Chocolate and Vodka) and it was fantastic!  With some sea salted caramel and honeycomb added as toppings I was in heaven. With ice cream this good, it sort of makes me wish I’d paid more attention during my science classes!  If that wasn’t enough to make you want to visit Camden to try it for yourself, its also worth noting that Chin Chin serve a hot chocolate that easily ranks up there with the best i’ve tried in London.

Chin Chin are due to reopen from their Christmas break on the 15th January and I would heartily recommend you head on down to try them out.  If you want to know their current special flavour then follow them on Twitter (@ChinChinLabs) where it is announced.

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